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3 Video Marketing Tactics

We create videos seemingly everyday. I love to create videos for clients as well as for my own business.  We just moved into an office space with a video studio in Cooper City, Florida.  If you live in South Florida and need some video marketing, we can help you get the exposure your product, service or business needs.  

Video marketing is the best way to get traffic online. It is the gift that keeps on giving and they are like a loyal friend who is just waiting to tell people about your product or service.  If you know how to optimize a video, your video can really get a lot of attention which is great.  There are many ways that you can optimize a video online and the more advanced methods really depend on what platform you are trying to market on. For example, Youtube provides you with the ability to add tags, location, closed caption and other elements that can help people find you on Youtube.  Facebook also has a platform that allows you to put videos but discourages the use of hashtags or tags and may even limit the reach of your videos.  

The purpose of this post is not to get into the granular tactical details of video marketing but to share with you 3 video marketing tactics that you can do that will help your videos be seen more often.  I have prepared this video for you:

Video Description

Learn how you can increase engagement on your videos. Having a video that gets a lot of traffic will really help set your online business on fire. Here are three of my top video marketing tactics.

1. Keep your videos short. Unless you are telling an emotional story, try to keep your videos to less than 2 minutes.

2. Use some visual graphics to capture the attention of your viewers. Using lower third closed caption titles are a great method that a lot of internet savvy marketers utilize.

3. Plan on using a version of video on multiple platforms. This will allow you to shoot one video and use it on all the social media platforms. Learn to work smarter, not harder.

If you need a professional video for you business, contact us by visiting our website. https://www.thinkbigwebsites.site

Thanks for watching.

How to make a website

3 Steps to make a website

“How to Make a Website”

Making a website is not as difficult as it once was. No longer must you need to know hyper text markup language or HTML. However, you still need a little help to really get the type of website that you will ultimately be happy with. I know there is a lot of free website offers that are constantly playing on television, radio or as ads on Facebook. But, remember the saying “you get what you pay for” when going down the free road. Trust me, your time is more valuable than trying to figure out how to build a website without any support or assistance from a professional.

However if you are tempted to try one of those make a website for “free” offers. Realize, pack a lunch and some patience and understand these free offers may be good for someone who just wants to say they have a website but it will almost always end up costing you more time and frustration than it is worth. I understand that I may not be able to change your mind. However, at least let me first provide you with an understanding how to make a website so you can make an informed decision prior to spending a lot of time and not being happy with the end project.

  1. The first step in making a website: [PURCHASE A DOMAIN NAME]

The first thing you need to consider is the name of your website. The name of your website can also be referred to as your domain name. You can either use your company name or think of a cool catchy name that can really help make promoting your site easier. However, finding the perfect domain name can be really tricky. Not only have companies gobbled up a lot of the good domain names (referred to as domainers) but there are a lot of businesses with the same name throughout the United States that may have already grabbed the name for their business. As you can imagine, finding the perfect name for your website might be harder than you think. Before you get too discouraged let me say that there is two primary reasons for securing a domain name and maybe this will help you as you struggle to find the perfect name.

The first purpose for a domain name is so your company, product or service can have an identity online. Having a branded domain name will allow you to tell friends, family and potential customers how they can find you online. For example if your company name is “ABC Strategies” only people who already know you or your company would know to search or enter that domain name into their browser.

The second reason for having a domain name is so that people who are searching for your product can find you. In comparison to the first reason, if you purchase the domain “iSell[put whatever you sell here].com” then people who see this domain name get a sense of what you do. There is also some benefit to being found in the popular search engines when your domain name describes what you do.

To purchase a domain name, you need to go to a company that sell domain names. They are technically referred to as “registrars” as they are the one who are actually licensed to register a new domain name. Many of the registrars can also provide hosting too. Finally, it is important to note that the domain name will be registered to you for as long as you keep renewing it with the registrar.


3 steps to make a website in South Florida

download full resolution “How to Make a Website Infographic


  1. The second step in making a website: [PURCHASE WEBSITE HOSTING]

The second step in making a website involves hosting. Hosting is the physical location where your website will be stored. Think of hosting as a piece of real estate that your house will be built on. If you plan on building a big house or website, then you might need a lot of real estate or hosting. This is an over simplistic analogy but it has helped a lot of people understand the purpose of hosting.

When searching for hosting look for the following:

Size – How much space are they giving you to build your website.
Security – What security precautions do they take to protect your data.

Speed – How fast will your website load on their server.

Support – How fast can you get them on the phone when you need support.

Hosting has become extremely affordable and you shouldn’t pay more than $20.00/month for a hosting account that will exceed your expectation in every category mentioned above. With hosting, you definitely get what you pay for.

  1. The third step in making a website: [USE WORDPRESS.ORG FOR DESIGN]

There are hundreds of ways of building a website. A website consist of code that communicates with internet browsers and as an result you have many option. Options include:

  • Learning how to write html code and do it yourself in the purest sense.
  • Purchase software that writes html code for you. Similar to how Excel creates formulas that you enter into a spreadsheet.
  • Use a Content Management System (CMS) that allows for drag and drop functionality.



For this tutorial, we are going to choose option 3 and use WordPress.ORG as our CMS.

WordPress is the most used method of building a website today. WordPress is very powerful and easy to work with. However, you must be aware that there are two variations of WordPress and for this documentation we are referring to WordPress.ORG. WordPress provides you with a dashboard and has intuitive editor windows much like your favorite presentation or word processing software. Search YouTube for videos on how to create a website using wordpress and you will find copious amounts of information.

With these simple 3 steps you will be using the same tools that the professional use.

I wish you all the best with your online endeavors.


Ray Briant

Additional Resources: WordPress Security Plugins

WordPress Security Plugins

WordPress Security Plugins

When it comes to your website, it doesn’t matter the South Florida neighborhood you live in, or whether your business is in Miami, Broward or Palm Beach County, when it comes to your website security you need to be aware of your hosting.  Watch this video for an explanation of what website hosting does.

Your website should have a reliable security application that protects the integrity of your website. There are several good WordPress security plugins available today. A “plugin” is simply a program that runs on your WordPress website, it is very similar to how “apps” work on a smartphone. The good news is that a lot of these security plugins are free. Here is a quick review of the 3 features you should look for when selecting a quality security plugin:

Malware Scanning Ability

  • Similar to how a computer may get infected with a virus, your website may get infected with malicious code that is designed to promote other websites or products. This is different than a hacker who wants to simply take your website offline or deface your homepage with profane laced propaganda. A malware attack simply uses your website as a method of promoting their products. Malware can be extremely difficult to isolate once your website is infected.

Here are a few highly rated products that Think Big Websites recommends to protect you from being harmed by malware.


SiteLock will monitor your website for changes and notify you when they detect a change in essential files that normally should not be changing. They also offer premium services that will correct any issues in the event you don’t feel comfortable making the changes on your own.


The other plugin we are currently recommending is the Wordfence Security plugin. We have used several other security plugins but find this plugin to be the most comprehensive and easiest to understand. Wordfence covers all the basics to keep your site protected as well as advanced features to cover the more complex website security issues.

Two-Factor Authenication

  • Two Factor Authentication is becoming an essential method of keeping hackers from accessing your website. Two Factor Authentication requires another device to be present when you are trying to log into your website. Some two factor authentication techniques such as Google Authenticator requires your smartphone to generate a random code that you must enter within a certain amount of time before you are allowed access to your website. Another method of two factor authentication such as Clef, requires the use of your smartphone’s camera to scan an image on your logon page. Both of this methods are extremely easy to use and get the job done.

Implementing these techniques will greatly increase your website security and drastically reduce the possibility of getting malware or hacked. Think Big Websites take these issues seriously and insures your website is protected from any online threats.

Thanks for reading our post.

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